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Hey, I'm Quentin

I am a freelance motion designer, with more than 7 years of Professional experience. I am captivated by all kinds of visual communication but my main interest is in animation. I have skills in building graphic identities, webdesign, video editing, icon design. What we call motion design, is the animation of images, illustrations, graphs, numbers, informations, with music and/or voice over. More and more companies use this new medium to communicate about their brand efficiently, and that is for many reasons : 

• COMMUNICATE WITH IMPACT – Integrate a video to your website will help you better captivate your users’ attention. 99% of the information our brain recieves is visual. A video format will display your informations in a more efficient manner.

• BOOST YOUR AUDIENCE, YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC AND YOUR SELLS – Integrate a video to your website will optimize your SEO score une vidéo à votre site va optimiser votre référencement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and generate more traffic on your website.

• ANIMATION SKILLS FOR SMALL BUDGETS – Video formats involved a team of skilled people in the past and a lot of material. Motion design gives you a high quality result with dynamic animations, while still keeping a low budget.